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Get Traffic & Build Rankings with Social Bookmarking

Search Engine Ranking and Traffic Benefits of Social BookmarksCan Social Bookmarking boost your search engine rankings?

Social bookmarks are a way of storing, managing, and sharing publically links to your favorite content on the Internet. That means that others searching for the same kind of information can see which resources you found useful and have bookmarked.

Tagging and the use of hash tags, takes bookmarking one step further and allows users to organize their bookmarks and make them searchable. There are many social bookmarking sites with many features, including Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg, Reddit, Newsvine, and many more.

Why Use Social Bookmarking?

Besides using Social bookmarking as a great way to increase your website rankings because of the high authority back-links that can be generated, it can also bring traffic to your website if done correctly.

The SEO benefits are tangible and measurable and must be part of any campaign to rank your content or website pages. The more natural and the bookmarking the better so ideally ask your visitors to like share, and comment on any of your content.

Social Bookmarks combined with web 2.0 syndication and links, along with high authority blogs and websites linking back to your site or content, with real unique commentary you are golden. Unfortunately, it may sometimes require your assistance to generate the bookmarking of your content via your own profiles on each site to help get the ball rolling.

5 Steps To Effective Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking can be time-consuming and boring. However, once you have a system you will find it can be an easy process which can easily be outsourced or automated using different software solutions.

Step 1… Your goal is to bookmark three different types of links in your various social bookmarking profiles. Your website pages, any pages that link to your website, and other topic related 3rd party pages from around the web.

It is vital that you include all three types of links if you want this strategy to work so that your bookmarking looks natural and real to the search engines. In addition, you want to create a balance of links you bookmark so that people who stumble across your bookmarks will not get put of by your overly promoting yourself.

A good rule of thumb is for your bookmarks to consist of 30% your website pages, 30% pages commenting and linking to your site, and the remaining 40% for other topic-related content from around the web.

When you create a bookmark, be sure to fill in all of the information available. You will add a short description as to why the page you are bookmarking is good, and then add relevant tags which are your main keywords that people looking for this type of content might be searching for. Also, if the site permits, use hashtags in your description for any of the main keywords.

Step 2… This where you actually bookmark pages from your own main website. You do not need to bookmark every page, but make sure that you bookmark your best pages and spread out the bookmarking over time… not all at once. Depending on the size of your site this may only be a few pages or it could be several that you do this to over time.

Step 3… Now is to make sure that you bookmark any website or web 2.0 pages or social media posts that link to your website or content on your site. These might also include any press releases that have been published, articles that have been published on other people’s sites mentioning or linking to your content, videos housed on YouTube, images on various site, e-books, etc.

If you have clients who have written about you and linked to your site, add those. If you have guest blogged on another website, add that. These are known as tier 2 links. Second level links form other sites that are directly pointing to your content. By bookmarking these you are giving them more power which in turn makes their links to your website content more powerful as well.

Step 4… Simply mix in bookmarks from other websites that have good content related to you topic. You might use Google to see what is ranking well or social media sites to see what is trending or popular. Bookmarking just a handful of popular, high quality pages related to your topic can greatly increase your traffic, build authority and help your rankings. For these, you don’t have to change the title in the bookmark; just add a quick note and some of the recommended tags.

Step 5… Once you have everything bookmarked you then share some of your bookmarked content to other social networking sites. In essence you are creating a web of links that are boosting each other and in the eyes of the search engines making them take notice of your content.

This step should go fairly fast since you have all the ground work completed.


At this point, you can rinse and repeat this for every site you want to increase SEO and traffic for.

What makes Social Bookmarking submission so good is that since you are bookmarking, you do not need an entire article or a lot of commentary to share your content. This makes it relatively fast and easy to do, but you do need a mix of social sharing plus web 2.0 post and your links from other websites to show natural link diversity.

While natural link building is the best method for climbing the search engine ladder, there is nothing wrong with adding a few forced links such as social bookmarking into the mix. Just keep in mind that this method should only be one small portion of your overall marketing plan.

The good news is, that as your content starts getting found, the momentum will buidl on its own, and if your content is good, people will start sharing and liking it on their own helping you with your work.


Originally posted 2018-01-29 03:12:00.

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  1. Atinder

    Well, Social Bookmarking is an awesome way to to build some authority to our website as we can get quality dofollow links from some high PR bookmarking sites, but more than this, social signals send great authority to our sites and tells Google to trust our website.And moreover can also help gain some link juice, which is really the key, when it comes to online success. So, overall, an important method, when it comes to Growth of a Blog

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