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Bloggers Resource to Manage Your Content Ideas and Workflow

Once you start running your own website or blog, you have to keep “feeding the beast” with fresh, interesting content on a regular basis… ideally content that is monetized in some way, whether it be with ads, affiliate offers, or other type of referrals.

If you don’t post regularly, your audience will simply lose interest and forget about you… and they certainly won’t be sharing your content around to their friends or followers via social media and other forums.

Writing Online as a Profitable Business

Make no mistake writing online is a profitable business if you treat it as a business rather than a hobby. Organization is one of the keys to any successful business.

If you are a writer/blogger, chances are you have more ideas than you know what to do with…. AND if you’re like most people these days you probably struggle to find the time to everything done.

To-do lists, planners, and a content calendar can help you stay on the right track. There are numerous tools that can help you stay organized, especially if you use a blogging platform such as WordPress.

Let’s take a look at some tools that can help you run your website like a pro.

Managing Content Ideas

There are lots of ways to get your brilliant ideas recorded for posterity.

A small notebook and pen you take everywhere with you can help. Type up your ideas at the end of each day and start working on this fresh new content.

Some people swear by Evernote and put all of their important ideas into it. OneNote is also a useful digital journal for recording ideas. If you love mindmapping, try MindMeister. It’s free, easy, and fun to use.

Pinterest is a popular social media site where you can create virtual pinboards of things you love to look at or are inspired by. It can also be used as a “vision board” to plan content and projects. You can have public or private boards. They can be all your own, or you can invite collaborators such as your colleagues.

Trello is a highly-visual tool for getting your ideas down onto cards that you can then write notes on. It is a very good basic project management tool.

Creating Content

Google Docs is free and easy to use and you can collaborate with colleagues as well. It is bascially a free online version of Microsoft Office.

Google Drive allows you to organize and upload your content, including images, docs, and more so you never lose anything, can invite others to view it, and so it is accessible via the cloud. It is free for up to 15GB of storage.

Basecamp is a really robust content management and project management tool that can help everyone stay on the same page when it comes to various projects. It is also affordable, with three different levels of membership for quick collaboration, assigning tasks, and more.

Managing Workflow

A paper calendar and pencil can help you create a rough draft of your workflow and schedule for when the content should be posted. But as we have mentioned already, project management software like Trello and Basecamp can help you track your workload more easily.

Google Calendar can also help you keep track, and collaborate with others.

If you are using WordPress, the Editorial Calendar plugin is a must. It shows you exactly when your content will be published. It also lets you drag and drop to move unpublished content around if you need to.

EditFlow is also a WordPress plugin that is ideal for managing your workflow and collaborating with others. The Custom Statuses feature can help you track a piece of content every step of the way. Editorial Comments and Editorial Metadata will keep you in synch with everyone on the team.

If you find EditFlow a bit complicated, try the Oasis Workflow plugin instead.

Try using some of these tools to make your content production easier to manage. You won’t regret it.

Pre-written Content

Yes, you read right. You are able to purchase pre-written content on just about any topic. Know as PLR (Private Label Rights) content cna save you hundreds of hours of wasted time.

Imagine being able to purchase articles, ebooks, and other content, ready made for you to customize, edit, or publish as you like. Many come with graphics, ready made social media posts, and more.

Below are some of our favorite sources of original PLR content. Many of them offer FREE samples as well. Please don’t tell anyone about our secret… Lol. 

All Private Label Content – Covers many different niches from marketing to health and many others.

Content Shortcuts – Specializes in fitness, self-help, and business related content.

Nich Starter Packs – These starter packs are on many different topics and subjects.

Piggy Makes Bank – Has original content on many different topics and niches.

PLR DatabaseMembership site with PLR content sourced from many different sources.

Publish for Prosperity – Mostly personal development content on a wide range of topics.

Tools for Motivation – Also a self-help / personal development PLR site packed with amazing content to use as you wish. 

White Label Perks – Specialize in business, self-development, and doodle coloring content.



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