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ClickFunnels Review – Ultimate Sales Funnel Creation?

What is Clickfunnels?

Russel Brunsons’ ClickFunnels was a “real” game changer when it was first released back in 2014. Since then, there have been many sales funnel builders released to cash in on its success

The truth is, that if you want the most affordable, feature rich platform to run your online business, then ClickFunnels is still the one to beat. Most all imitators have sub par features, have limited scalability, or are  just not robust enough for serious users. 

So if you are an online marketer, ClickFunnels trumps the likes of Lead Pages, InstaPage, InfusionSoft, and other similar hosted enterprise solutions.

ClickFunnels not only allows you to build entire sales and marketing funnels, lead capture pages, or even individual web pages, it also integrates with most all 3rd party solutions that exists. It comes with a 14-day free trial, for you to test, just in case you don’t believe me, and is the only solution proven to create multiple 6 and 7 figure online businesses and users. 

It’s ease of use, combined with its huge following, along with features including membership site capabilities (on upgraded accounts only), scheduled follow-up e-mails, split-testing, DFY funnels and templates, an affiliate management system (on upgraded accounts only), and a whole lot more, makes ClickFunnels a must-have solution for any serious online business.

You get access to excellent on-boarding training, their support is responsive and on point, and they allow you to share and/or receive funnels from other users, makes this platform even more powerful and a marketplace where you can sell yours if you choose. In fact, I have a whole series of funnels that I am offering you if you sign-up for ClickFunnels below, along with my other cool bonuses.    

Please watch the videos below and get you free trial now… seriously!



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My exclusive ClickFunnels bonuses if you subscribe through me!

If you register for your 14-day free trial of ClickFunnels using our link and end up staying with ClickFunnels, because you think it is as good as we do, then send us a confirmation of your purchase to get access to these exclusive bonuses that compliment Clickfunnels and offer real-world value. 

We do not put false value on our bonuses. Our bonuses are worth whatever you put into them. Plain and simple. They are worth whatever you decide to get out of them. So if that is nothing, then that is what they are worth. If you implement and use them to create greater financial freedom and increase your bottom line, well then… they are priceless. So you can decide. 🙂

PERSONAL ACCESS TO ME:  As part of my bonuses, I am giving people the opportunity to email or skype me with their questions for help and assistance in any area of your online business… related to ClickFunnels or not! This is worth more than any of my bonuses, considering how much people pay me per hour for my consulting services.


Clickfunnels Bonus #1 – 24 Hour Success

A full-blown video training course containing over 22 hours of training on all aspects of building and running an online business. It covers everything from mindset to customer service, relationship building to product creation, how to structure sales funnels to advanced monetization techniques. 

This course is solely responsible for my online success and for helping me get my head straight and to actually start earning real online revenue, rather than just chasing the quick buck or false short-lived or short-term techniques that are trying to cash-in on some fad.


Clickfunnels Bonus #2 – Video Mastermind

We all know that video marketing is not going anywhere and is here to stay.  We also know that videos can increase sales conversions by 100’s of percent, depending on the offer, etc. etc. Well this course teaches anyone how to create videos and webinars on a dime, using both free and paid software solutions, and helps you get out of the mindset that you need to spend hundreds of dollars on video production to get results, or that you even need to be in-front of a camera. Bonuses on this also include a million dollar webinar scripting video and template.

This course includes over 15 hours of step by step over the shoulder training.


Clickfunnels Bonus #3 – Google Hangouts for Business

Great video training on how to use Google Hangouts in your business and why Google Hangouts is where you should be if you are looking for greater engagement and better SEO.


Clickfunnels Bonus #4 – YouTube Piggyback Method

This is a YouTube marketing course like no other. For this method you don’t need your own videos. We teach you how to leverage the success of other peoples videos to get cheap traffic. This method works, and works well, but only if done correctly.


Clickfunnels Bonus #5 – 2cent Facebook Clicks

A Facebook advertising course teaching you how to advertise and market your business, product, or service effectively on Facebook. Learn how to target your audiences correctly and how to drive down your cost per click. The truth is that you can easily get clicks for far less if your smart about it.


Clickfunnels Bonus #6 – Q&A Webinar (by request and demand only)

I thought I would throw this in as a special thank you to anyone that purchases clickfunnels through our recommendation.  This webinar (or two) can be on whatever you want. In other words, I will answer questions, help you with clickfunnels and sales funnels strategies, or any aspect of your online business, addressing your marketing techie concerns. This is your opportunity to get free consulting time from an Internet marketing and web development veteran. You will get access to my first webinar as series as well which was over 9 hours of pure content.

If you are interested in knowing more about Clickfunnels, please visit clickfunnelreviews.com. This site has many videos going through various the features of clickfunnels as it is implemented into various parts of our business.





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Originally posted 2019-01-15 16:20:58.

Zimmaron has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 25 years. He has been involved in numerous online startups and consulted for many top online marketers over the years. His passion for marketing and self development has lead him all over the world but prefers to stay out of the limelight as much as possible . 

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