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Fireflies & Your Brain: How Nature Can Unlock Unstoppable Happiness!

Imagine yourself sitting atop a grassy knoll.
The sun has just set. Then, just as night begins to fall, it happens.
First here, then, over there, a brief flicker of magic lightens up the sky in little bioluminescent bursts.
It’s the dance of the firefly.
For many, this evening ritual is well known, and if you have never epxerienced it yourself, it is quite literally magical.
But, did you know, that the firefly may hold the key to unlocking your brain’s unlimited potential?

Bioluminescence, Entrainment, and Your Brain


If you’ve ever seen fireflies in action, especially at the start of the evening, you know first-hand that the little blips of light pulse on and off with no seeming pattern or sequence.
However, the longer you sit on that grassy knoll, the more “in sync” these bursts of light will become. Eventually, many of the fireflies will begin to light up at the exact time.
So, what does this have to do with your brain?
Keep reading… I’m gettting there…


The year was 1665 and Dutch physicist Christiaan Huygens was about to identify what is now known as “entrainment.”
It was the end of a long day. In his laboratory, Huygens set two pendulum clocks next to one another. Then, he set them in motion. The pendulums were not sync.
However, when he came back the next morning, the pendulums were swinging in perfect harmony with one another. Back and forth. Back and forth.
The obvious thought is, how could this happen? Two seperate objects, out of sync, overnight managed to slow down, or speed up, to find harmony with one another. 
It’s a phenomenon known as entrainment.
Entrainment is the process by which tiny amounts of energy move between two nearby entities that are “out of sync.” The result is a kind of “negative feedback” that works to self-correct the dissonance until both entities are in sync and aligned.
When we’re talking about inorganic entities, like these clocks or even electric clothes driers, this is known as mechanical entrainment. With the firefly example, we see an example of what is known as biological, or organic, entrainment.

Your Brain

So, what do fireflies and clocks teach us about the human brain?
For the answer, we need to take a look at your brainwaves.
Brainwaves, or neural oscillations, are the electrical pulses in your brain that correspond to what you’re doing, what you’re thinking, and how you’re feeling.
Every one of your mind states has a signature brainwave pattern. If you’re happy, you have one pattern. Focused, another. Relaxed, yet another.
Researchers have been able to identify and duplicate the exact patterns of many of our most common mind states using soundwaves rather than electrical pulses or other expensive devices.
It turns out that brainwaves share the same basic structure as that found in acoustics or sound (e.g., frequency, amplitude, and periodicity)… and this is a major discovery that is profound for you and me.

Putting It All Together: Unlocking Your Brain

Now, imagine that you wake up one morning, and you’re feeling unfocused and foggy, and seem to be dragging. You are concerned as you also happen to have a big presentation in the afternoon, and need to be at your very best.
What do you do?
You could pound a few coffees, load up on supplements, go take a run, and do anything in your power to try to clear your head and “get in the game,” so to speak.
This is where things get interesting. If scientists know how to replicate brainwave patterns using soundwaves (which they do) AND biological entrainment is a real thing (which it is), then you’re in luck.
Hypothetically, you should be able to listen to soundwaves patterns that are for mental clarity and – through the process of brainwave entrainment – switch on your desired mind state, without doing anything!
Just like placing two clocks together, or having fireflies circling in the same space, your brain will begin to sync with the brainwave “music or sounds” that you’re listening to.
As a result, the dissonance between your existing state (foggy, unfocused) will be overwritten by the more dominant soundwave (clear, on target, focused). The negative feedback will naturally stop and you’ll be ready to give that winning presentation. Imagine that!
Researchers are just now beginning to see all the possible implications of these amazing findings. Lucky for you, there are already amazingly powerful, brainwave entrainment products already on the market, that can help you change your state as easily as listening to your favorite song.
You can check out sites like Brainwave Shots to get a nice overview of the science and uncover interesting consumer applications of this technology. Heck, Brainwave Shots is also allowing our readers to get a FREE sample download to try it out yourself!

A Final Note

We’re entering a new phase of human possibility. Science and nature are meeting and merging in exciting and dynamic ways. Do not dismiss this technology as some kind of new fad or gimmick.
The science is clear, and the future looks bright for what we can do to help us overcome the stresses and craziness of our daily lives. If tools like this can help… then why not try it?
As far as I am concerned, it’s a facinating and exciting time to be alive!
What will you do with the time you have left on this planet?

Originally posted 2021-04-05 16:20:46.

Zimmaron has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 25 years. He has been involved in numerous online startups and consulted for many top online marketers over the years. His passion for marketing and self development has lead him all over the world but prefers to stay out of the limelight as much as possible . 

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