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Marketing Yourself – Let Your Personality Shine

Market Your Personality For ProfitsPersonality marketing is one of the simplest ways to market and brand a product or service.

Take Oprah Winfrey for example. Oprah is one of the most powerful women in the world. She can take any unknown author into a top New York Times bestseller just by giving her endorsement. Her entire business, and businesses, is built around her personality.

People often follow websites but because of the people behind the site – not just because of the content. In many industries, like weight loss for example, success is determined much more by the personality or face of the product than by anything else.That is why companies pay big money to sponsor sports celebrities to use them in their marketing.

Are you likeable, are you real, are you authentic, do you represent something that your target audience is looking for and that is relate-able?

Marketing Yourself is Easy!

Think about it. You are already you. You don’t have to practice to be your self… I hope! There is nothing to do so in theory being yourself should be natural and easy to do.

Even people boring or dry personalities can be funny, fun, and engaging. There are people like that everywhere. Your uniqueness, or even the things you may not like about yourself may just be your greatest asset.

When creating a brand around a product, service, or a company, there is a lot more thought required. More strategy, more writing, and a certainly level of professionalism and thought that is required.

In the age of YouTube, Pod Casts, and Social Media, you can bypass all that and just stick a camera on yourself, or grabbing a mic, and talk about whatever you feel passionate about.

The rest unfolds naturally as you find your groove and fell more comfortable over time… but the point is to just start now. Who cares how you look or what your think about yourself, or if you think your good or not. It does NOT matter.

Heck, review products or services, be funny… go viral using ads to monetize, or use yourself as a spokes person for your product or service, and let the people know who you are.

Your Personality Can Become a Marketing Weapon

Everyone has a personality. It is what makes you… well… YOU!

When you’re with your friends, you probably say things spontaneously that could come off as hilarious or funny, or people may find some things you have to say as engaging, or your passion just oozes from you.

In those “normal” settings you probably aren’t even aware of how people are reacting to you as you express opinions and thoughts or are acting out, etc. People may or may not agree with you or everything you say, but they are your friends and family yet you do it anyway.

But online, or in the public, people tend to tone down their personality. They try to sound “correct” or “proper” rather than just be spontaneous and in the moment. They err on being right down the middle, rather than speaking an opinion, and just being themselves. This can sometimes come off as being fake, contrived, or inauthentic even with best intentions.

Trying to be similar to others, is not always a bad thing, but you do not want to be the same. There is only one of you on the entire planet… so don’t hide it. You will be surprised. There is nothing wrong with acting, or being in character, if that is what works for you and come naturally.

People love controversy, a little spice, humor, or something they can relate to… so be the “real” you. When you withhold your personality, or your characterization it contrived, it is difficult to grow your audience and come off well.

When you hold back, then people won’t comment, and a discussion that could have promoted you and given you some level of fame will not have even started. Negative reactions can do more good for you than none at all.

People don’t just want to be drawn to your work, there are plenty of people in every niche, they are drawn to you… in some cases what you say is less important than how you say it and who they perceive you to be as a person.

It’s true that some people won’t like you, but so what? That is already the case right? Those people aren’t really your audience anyway. It is foolish for anyone to expect every person on the entire planet to like you, agree with you, so why even try.

Look at how even the best of celebrities get trashed in the media. Some deliberately insight controversy just for the publicity.  

How to Let Go and Let Your Personality Shine

Of course, telling someone to just express their personality can be about as useful as telling someone to just “be yourself” in tense social situations or go on stage in front of hundreds of people and don’t be nervous. For some, it just doesn’t come that easily. So what can you do?

Take out a journal and a pen. Write your opinion about a topic or subject that you are passionate about, it could be your business or product, but do it as if you were ranting to yourself or to an imaginary friend. Talk as if nobody would ever read it. Pour your emotions and inner thoughts onto the page.

Once you’re done, let it sit for a day, then use that journal entry as the outline or foundation for your post, video, audio or whatever. This can be a very useful technique for circumventing your mind’s resistance to expressing your personality.

You can also do this with your partner, or make a conscious effort to talk about this subject and bring it up around people you are comfortable to practice refining how you talk, what to say, and how they react and engage with you.

Make note of the questions they ask, and add that to your arsenal to be able circumvent objections, or to be able to find better and more confident ways of communicating in ways that people can hear or understand, and ask for feedback. 

The bottom line is, the best cure for inaction is to take action. In other words… any action is better than no action!!! If you look back at the careers of any famous celebrity or person, and see their body of work, I am sure in the early stages they have plenty of embarrassing and long forgotten moments that most are not even aware of.

Use What You Have Now – P

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