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Sales Career Accelerator – Up to 40% Commissions Guaranteed!

Are you interested in joining the top 1% of sales professionals?

I am a sales talent scout for Sales Career Accelerator by Caleb Maddox and Ryan McDonnell.

We’re looking for exceptional people that are either already experienced in sales or for those looking kickoff their sales career. 

Become part of a team of innovators and industry leaders that have closed over 60 million dollars in sales and are changing the sales industry with their industry disrupting program.


Benefits Include:

✔✔ Certified sales and lead generation training

✔✔ Guaranteed sales position or we’ll pay you $2500 for wasting your time

✔✔ Guaranteed 20-40% commissions on selling high-ticket offers

✔✔ Access to a career marketplace with pre-vetted high converting offers to sell

✔✔ Weekly mentoring and coaching calls to ensure success and ongoing support

✔✔ Freedom to pick your hours and work from anywhere in the world

✔✔ No limits on your earning potential

If any of this sounds interesting to you, schedule an interview today.

If you get accepted this could very well be the sales career opportunity of a lifetime.

IMPORTANT: To ensure serious candidates only there is a fee to get certified which you will receive back on your very first sale.


Who Are Caleb and Ryan?

They are some of the top performing sales and marketing professionals in the world today.

Ryan O’Donnell

  • Generated a combined $60M+ online for himself and Caleb, as well as some of the biggest brands in the industry
  • Was behind the biggest launch in information industry history with Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, & Russell Brunson

Caleb Maddix

  • Single viral video that reached over 40-million people
  • Was reaching 9 million people a week online completely organically
  • Made $200k+ at age 14
  • Made $1MM at age 16
  • Author of 12 books
  • International keynote speaker who’s shared the stage with the likes of Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuck, Russell Brunson, Kevin Harrington, Daren Hardy, Lewis Howes, and many more
  • Consistently gets paid $25,000 per speech and has made as much as $60,000 from a single hour long keynote
  • He’s been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc Magazine, and been on national TV in front of millions of people
  • He was voted one of the top 20 most motivational people on the planet
  • Replacement speaker for Arnold Schwarzenegger in Sydney Australia


  • They have founded many multi-7-figure companies but Sales Career Accelerator is their main focus to disrupt the sales industry
  • Founded a kids education company called Apex4kids and scaled it to 100,000+ students and $15M+ evaluation… making it one of the largest non-government funded kids education companies in the world
  • They scaled one company from 0 to $3M in 3 months starting completely from scratch

These two are your trainers and personal coaches ensuring your success if you get accepted into this certification program and career market place.  


Zimmaron has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 25 years. He has been involved in numerous online startups and consulted for many top online marketers over the years. His passion for marketing and self development has lead him all over the world but prefers to stay out of the limelight as much as possible . 

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