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Secret Email System Review – Matt Bacak (Bonuses)

Matt Bacak is back with his next product launch… Secret Email System which is launching on the morning of 28 September 2020.

IMPORTANT:   Along with Matt’s 10 crazy bonuses, I am also offering my own “exclusive” bonuses for anyone buying his heavily discounted eBook for $5.60 from me. My bonuses are NOT cheap private label hand-me-downs, out-of-date wordpress plugins, or free ebooks you can download elsewhere. Mine have “real world” value and are legitimate training and coaching programs to compliment Matt’s eBook. So check them out below or go ahead and get Matt’s book here!

Who is Matt Bacak?

If you have never heard of Matt Bacak… then you are in for a treat.

Not only does he always over deliver… he is a 7-figure email marketer that is the go to for some of the top online marketers and Guru’s in the industry.

The Secret Email System is his crown jewel and is designed for anyone wanting to master email marketing fast and to start making consistant money online niche. 

To give you a little perspective… Matt Bacak has sold over $23,000,000 worth of digital, physical, low ticket, high ticket, and recurring products and services online via email.

Trust me when I say you want to learn anything about running an online business, especially email marketing, from this man.

The courses and certifications I have taken from him are some of the best I have ever taken.

In short, the Secret Email System provides you with a simple roadmap for…

  • generating endless leads and prospects
  • how to convert those leads and prospects in customers, clients, and sales

… in any industry… selling anything… from low / high-end digital / physical products… to seminars, webinars, training programs, books, supplements, and even consulting services… that’s right… you name it… email can sell it.

Imagine generating more revenue than you ever thought possible with your list of qualified buyers and no longer having to rely on paid advertising to generate income on demand.

Matt Bacak’s Secret Email System has allowed Matt and his students eliminate 99% of useless time-sucking activities from their daily workload and to instead focus on high-impact activities that drive results.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • how to pick a large profitable and in-demand market
  • how to find irresistible offers to promote in that market
  • how to buy your domain and make sure it’s related to your irresistible offer
  • which autoresponders are the best ones to get and to use
  • how to create your pre-frame opt-in page to pre-sell your irresistible offer
  • how to generate endless traffic to build your list of hot, hungry, subscribers
  • how to create a “welcome mat” to increase your conversions and ROI
  • how to set up an email sequence to automatically email your subscribers daily
  • the top 7 traffic sources to get subscribers
       (plus step-by-step instructions in the ultimate email marketing package)
  • how to 10x the whole process with a few simple tweaks

You’ll also learn:

  • #1 most important email marketing equation in the world
  • How to get your consumers spending up to 138% more
  • How to instantly create 320% more revenue
  • 11 golden keys to email marketing mastery
  • #1 most critical metric that is the life blood of email marketing
  • and much more…

What you get for $5.60 ? (for a few days only)

#1   Secret Email System eBook (that you can download instantly)

In the eBook you’ll find Matt Bacak’s entire strategy and system for building an email list from scratch and turning those leads into sales as business owner, affiliate marketer, or services brokers all using email as the primary sales tool.

Email marketing, along with promoting affiliate products and services, is one of the oldest, time-tested, most legitimate, and easy-to-start online businesses there are… for newbies and intermediate marketers… because you don’t need your own product or service to maintain or support to get started.

#2  Matt’s 10 Secret Email System Bonuses

It comes with 10 high-value bonuses from Matt including:

    1. Irresistible Offer Video Guide – How to find a pick high converting offers that are profitable.
    2. Secret Email System Checklist – Step-by-step flight checklist that makes sure you implement the system in the right order so you can get results.
    3. 3x Formula Calculator – The profit equation Matt uses that breaks down subscribers, clicks, and EPC to help you maximize your sales.
    4. 2.1 Mill Email Swipe File (1,000 Emails) – Matt’s own personal email swipe file of 1,000 emails that’s responsible for over $2.1 million in sales.
    5. Matt’s Secret 357,582 Lead Gen Template – The same exact lead gen template he used to generate 357,582 leads.
    6. 10,978 New Leads – Daily Masterclass – How to generate high quality leads each and every day.
    7. Secret Of Millionaire Mind Book – 9 Common characteristics of internet millionaires and how to adopt them for your own success.
    8. Gigantic Swipe File Book – Words, phrases, sentences, attention grabbing headlines that you can use in your emails and for ideas and promotions that trigger leads to open emails which lead to sales.
    9. Free Breakthrough Session With Matt’s Team – A free 45 minutes strategy session with Matt’s team to help you get clarity and figure out how to implement the secret email system.
    10. Matt’s Private Facebook Community – Access to a private group of 20,000+ email marketers where you can learn, share and network with some of the top email marketers in the world.

#3  Zimmaron’s 4 Exclusive Bonuses

As a thank you for grabbing Matt’s eBook through the links on this page: 
Bonus 1   Ads that Break Sales Records ($997 Value)
Create marketing campaigns that convert like crazy. Presented by 7-figure online marketer, this exclusive “reveal all” will make you money.
Bonus 2   24 Hour Success – Art of Marketing Online ($497 Value)
Complete training on all aspects of creating a successful online business. Attendees paid $2000 to attend this 12-week coaching program. 
Bonus 3   Video Mastermind ($97 Value)
Complete guide on creating videos that convert on either a PC or Mac with over-the-shoulder walk-throughs using both free and paid software.
Bonus 4   YouTube Piggyback Method ($97 Value)
Awesome strategy to leverage traffic from existing videos on YouTube.

Who Is The Secret Email System For?

Matt’s Secret Email System is for anyone who is:

  • already running their own online business
  • someone wanting to start their own online business
  • affiliate marketers wanting to take things to the next level
  • new and advanced email marketers looking for shortcuts to increase sales and conversions
  • anyone without an email list who wants to build a sustainable and profitable online business

For what you’re paying, with my bonuses included, is really for an insane low price is rediculously worth it, in my honest opinion.

Will You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is?

Yes… it’s $5 for heaven’s sake… but I did buy some of the upsells as well… but that is just me!

As a matter of fact I am one of Matt’s “Email Marketing Specialist” students who has also gone through is “Short Email Copy” training as well… both those certifications cost me in excess of $1500 to join… so what you are getting here is an absolute steal!

The Secret Email System launches on the 28th of September 2020 starting at $5.60 (one-time) with a few one-time up sells for additional coaching, etc.

If you know me, then you know that I rarely promote other people products online. I find most to be selling regurgitated stuff that is incomplete and basically a waste of time and money.

I know Matt… he is a mentor of mine… I love his stuff… He changes lives… and he’s clearly over-delivering here.

How Much Does It Cost?

The Secret Email System front-end comes at an almost laughable $5.60 (one-time).

There are some optional up sells that are well-worth the investment… and if you take this offer seriously… you do stand to not only increase your revenues from you existing income streams but also to discover hidden tricks and tips to expand what your already doing. 

There are NO hidden costs or “continuity programs” that you’re subscribing to without knowing. 

Is There A Guarantee?

Yes… as always your purchase is backed by a very generous 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee.

So What’s The Catch?

You… you’re the only catch… remember…

  1. Knowledge without action is worthless.
  2. Nobody is going to do the work for you.
  3. You only get results once you implement.
  4. If you do nothing it does not mean the system is flawed.
  5. Take massive action and get massive results.

Originally posted 2021-04-05 16:31:46.

Zimmaron has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 25 years. He has been involved in numerous online startups and consulted for many top online marketers over the years. His passion for marketing and self development has lead him all over the world but prefers to stay out of the limelight as much as possible . 

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