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Smart Ways of Boosting Your Business on Foursquare

Get most out of foursquareFoursquare is not a household name, yet but it soon will be. It’s a mobile app but it can be of great use for your business if you know how to capitalize on it. Here are some ways that businesses can turn a profit off of it.

What Is Foursquare?

In simplest terms, it is a location app that has proven quite popular with very social people. Using the GPS feature on smart phones.

Foursquare allows you to point out to friends where you are at any given moment. You might be saying that that is what a normal GPS does. However, with this app, you can “check in” at locations like restaurants, bars, theaters and parks in the area.

You can let others know where you are by linking to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites. Friends that use Foursquare can also let you know where they are. You can meet up this way. And, if your location is not on the radar of Foursquare, you can put it there by typing in the information.

If you check in every time you visit a location, your diligence may be rewarded. A Foursquare mayor is someone who frequents a location more than anyone else. Since Foursquare is like a game, there are badges awarded and a leader board posted that names who is the current mayor of an area.

What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Many businesses have started to take notice of this “game.” And, they have learned to capitalize on it. For one, some have noticed increases in business through reviews that people write on Foursquare once they check in.

Reviews are helpful and profitable. For instance, if you like a meal or a server or some sort of event going on at a venue, writing about it lets others know what to expect when they visit. Frequenting the same place is also a glowing endorsement of the business.

Business owners can get in on the fun with the free advertising they receive through Foursquare. Some offer discounts for people on certain days if they visit their establishment. Others offer badges to those who will visit their restaurant or bar. And, for the mayor, there is often a special prize – free food or drinks as long as they are mayor.

Foursquare is not a guarantee of more business, but it is a method of free advertising that can bring in more traffic and that is what you need with a business – more people. Then, you can wow them with what you do best. Joining Foursquare and reading the tips and reviews can also help improve the services that you offer. It gives you an insight into what customers want from you.

Foursquare can help your business get noticed, when you know how to use it.

Still don’t understand how foursquare works? Check out this video for a great overview:

Originally posted 2013-12-07 03:12:00.

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