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Smart Ways of Maintaining Your Online Search Rankings

Monetizing Your Rankings in the Search EnginesOnce you’re ranked in the search engines, the game isn’t over.

Ranking in the search engines isn’t a one-time endeavor. You need to keep working to maintain your rankings and to make sure that you can and do improve your traffic.

If you aren’t regularly working on improving your rankings, your competitors will overtake you.

By the time your competitors actually outstrip you in the rankings, they may already be way ahead of you in backlinks and other factors.

To prevent this from happening, you need to proactively maintain your search rankings. Here’s a few simple ways…

==> Maintain a Steady Backlinking Strategy

Marketers often put huge pushes into getting backlinks when they want to achieve rankings, then completely neglect getting backlinks once the rankings are established.

Instead, once you’ve gotten your rankings, it’s important to continue putting in at least a small amount of energy into increasing your backlinks.

You don’t need to get as many as when you were striving for the rankings in the first place, but you should still keep your link building efforts active and consistant.

Once your article is ranked, instead of shooting for 100 links a month, you might only go for 10… just enough to show Google that you’re still active without taxing too many resources.

Also, make sure to syndicate that content across all social media properties that you own and have access to. Branded or unbranded as long as it’s in the same niche or realted to the subject of your content.

Remember, there are a lot of sites and fanpages, Pinterest boards, etc… that are always looking for additional content to help them stay fresh and new that could also drive more visitors to you.

Also, depending on the site, like Facebook, Twitter, etc… where content has a shorter lifespan in feeds you can repost your content every couple of weeks or months to expose it to new viewers.

==> Keep Adding High Quality Content

Continue to add content to your website. It’s much, much easier for a static website to lose rankings than a website that’s constantly being updated. It makes sense right?

When you add new content, you get new visitors. You get new pages to get ranked. You get more backlinks as more and more people find your site and link to it.

Google wants to show people websites that are active and that show some level of authority. When given the choice between a three-year old website that hasn’t been updated and a website that’s constantly adding new content, Google will choose the latter, all else being equal.

==> Stay on Top of New Ranking Factors

The search engines are constantly updating their algorithms. By and large, it’s not hard to figure out what their latest updates are.

For example, in 2011 social media suddenly started playing a part in rankings. How often you’re tweeted about and your Facebook likes can now actually help your rankings.

Furthermore, Google and Bing came together to create Schema, which allows you to embed data structures into your website that helps search engines figure out what your content is about.

Stay on top of developments in the search world and make sure your website is taking advantage of all the new ranking factors. They are important and each of them can give you that necessary edge over your competitors.

These are just a few smart ways to maintain and boost your online search rankings.

Remember:  if you don’t actively maintain your rankings, sooner or later your rankings will drop. It’s much easier to proactively protect your rankings than it is to try and chase them back once they’re gone.

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Originally posted 2013-12-07 03:12:00.

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