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Taking Advantage of Google Instant

How to use Google Instant in Your BusinessGoogle has done it again. You can now help people find you faster with the use of Google Instant.

What Is Google Instant?

Perhaps you have noticed that when you use Google to search for information on the internet, something different happens.

As you type, words pop up under the search box that mimics what you are typing. As you continue to type, frequently used words or phrases are displayed to help you formulate subsequent search results.

This is Google Instant. While you are typing your search parameters, you are also given suggestions that can help you narrow your search. This technology is based on the fact that many of us don’t know what to search for in the way of keywords.

Now, you are helped along with that so you don’t need to type your entire phrase in the search box.

Advantages of Google Instant

For the average searcher and business owner alike, the use of pertinent keywords can connect the both of you. You can benefit from someone finding your business and the process having been made easier with Google Instant.

Here are a few advantages of this search engine marvel.

  1. Faster searches – People didn’t like to have to keep entering new keywords because the search results were unsatisfactory. With this, they save time. They can continue to choose from the possible keyword phrases offered by scrolling down and clicking on them. If they don’t find what they need in the search results, it only takes a few seconds to amend the search.
  2. Intelligent suggestions – Based on just one keyword entered, Google Instant predicts what will be typed in next. By using Google consistently, predictions become more intelligent, tailored to the user.
  3. Rapid results – Before, you may have typed many words into your search that don’t get recognized by the search engines. With Google Instant, at the first keyword, suggestions are offered. They eliminate unnecessary words that can slow down search results. This means that your possible results are returned much faster and with greater precision.
  4. Customizable – If you don’t want suggestions to be shown, you can turn off Google Instant. Simply go to “Preferences” and change your options. When you want it back on, do the same.
  5. Better for business websites – Using the right keywords can help target your traffic. As your keyword is typed in, phrases that include that word will pop up in the suggestions. Clicking on one of the options could result in your site being found on the front page of the rankings.

Using Google Instant for Better Keyword Targeting

Google Instants suggestions are very important to your business. Go to google and type in the keywords that represent your business or the main keyword of the content you are trying to rank and see what suggestions are shown that might be more specific and targeted to you.

To get the best results, use your browser in incognito mode which will not give terms biased to you. Using the recommended search terms will in your content or post titles will help you get found more easily and improve your rankings for keywords that others may have missed. 

There are many advantages to using Google Instant for all of your internet searche and content creation.

Here is a great article that goes indepth on this feature.

Originally posted 2013-08-07 03:12:00.

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