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Tips for a High Converting Squeeze Page Video!

Split Testing for a High Converting Video Squeeze PageA video squeeze page is a fantastic way to boost your opt-in rates. When done right, a video on your squeeze page can as much as double or even triple your opt-ins rates thereby potentially increasing your conversions and potential profit.

Here are a few tips for making your video squeeze page convert like crazy.

==> Test Not Showing the Duration

By and large, marketers have found that by not showing the remaining time in a video increases conversions. Test this for your squeeze page.

If you don’t have the traffic to test it yet, turn off the time remaining bar by default. It will ensure more people watch the video.

You do not want people prejudging it based on the length. You want them to at the very least give it a chance rather than thinking they do not have the time for it.

==> Test Autoplay

Autoplay is a hugely debated aspect of video marketing. On the one hand, it usually increases response. On the other hand, it can really annoy people… and now many browsers do not allow auto play.

There are ways around it, like the video playing without sound, until you click the play button. It just depends on the player you use. My favorite video player by far is the little known VooPlayer.

It has a crazy number of features and works great in every situation. You can add YouTube videos or even upload your own and it allows for everything under the sun. I have not found any alternative that even comes close.

If response is the only thing you’re after, you’re usually better off with autoplay. If you’re building a brand, then you might want to turn it off. Again, split test. It’s also possible for autoplay to lower response in some markets… so test, test, test.

==> Test Completely Different Scripts

Start off with three completely different scripts. They should have different tones, different messages, and different promises.

Don’t spend too much time on production for these scripts in the beginning. Just rudimentary PowerPoint slides with a voice over will do. Test the three different main ideas to see which works best.

Once you know which line of thought converts best, then refine the script, redo the video and make it look great.

Remember, the the most effective and converting content, whether it be written, verbal, or whatever are ones that includes a relatable personal story that invokes emotion and empathy for whatever the listener may be going through.

It is important to know who your viewer/target demographic is, their plight or struggle, and wrap your own story around it and how you were able to overcome it. People don’t want to be told facts and figures, they want to relate.

If you get that right, your conversions will skyrocket.

==> Test Opt-In Types

There are a few different ways you can display your opt-in box. The standard way is by using a squeeze page with the opt-in box already showing. The downside of this is that people might see it and immediately think “Oh, it’s a squeeze page” and leave.

Another option is to have have a page with a basic title and a video only and the opt-in only appears after a certain amount of time has passed. Then have the opt-in button or box or payment button (if it’s a sales page), appear once a certain amount of the video has been viewed.

This ensures the viewer does not skip the message or get distracted. You can also put the opt-in box right in the video itself. VooPlayer is my favorite video player that is highly customizable and has some advanced features I have yet to find anywhere else. This can convert well since the person is already watching the video.

Finally, you can use a hover-over opt-in box that displays only is you click a button or hover over certain content. Choosing one of these more creative opt-in methods should be tested to see which method increases your conversions and opt-in rates.

==> Bite Your Ego: The No Video Test

Every marketer wants to think that by them being on the video means it will convert best, especially if you’re actually appearing on camera. Sometimes, that’s simply not true.

PowerPoint style videos are some of the most effective with simple basic text. It just depends. Do NOT over complicate the creation of videos or the production value. In many cases it simply does not matter or can actually work against you.

Also, make sure to test your opt-in page with just simple copy and no video. Sometimes this will out-perform even your best video.


Creating a video squeeze page has the potential to multiply your opt-in rates. It takes time and it depends on your traffic as well (how targeted it is), and of course your message and to a lesser degree your offer.

But once you get the process down it’s no more difficult than copying an existing squeeze page and making some tweaks. If you are looking for some squeeze page builders that will help you build and split test you opt-in pages and entire sales funnels check out our top 3 recommendations here.

The simple rule of marketing online can be summed up in 3 words… test, test, test.


Originally posted 2014-09-09 03:12:00.

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